View from Discovery Outcrop, 1963


The Cactus Mine located in Arizona Is currently owned by Elim Mining Inc.(formerly the Sacaton Mine) was discovered in the 1960’s by American Smelting and Refining Co. (ASARCO), from a mineral outcrop located immediately to the north east of its future open pit operation, which today spans a diameter of 3,000 feet and is 980 feet deep.

ASARCO operated the mine from 1972-1984 with 400 direct mine jobs created locally, and numerous indirect positions also created to service the mine. Eventually, the mine shut down due to economic conditions. Today, with the demand for copper increasing led by the exponentially growing renewable market, Elim is confident in the opportunity to restart production at Cactus, immediately to the north-east of the open pit, and along the Santa Cruz trend. We believe this opportunity for Elim is also an economic opportunity for the people of Casa Grande. 

Elim Mining inc

For mining operations, ASARCO had built a core shack, crushing facilities, a flotation mill, a 300-acre tailings disposal facility, return water impoundment and a 500-acre waste rock dump, in addition to a rail spur to the mill, power lines and roads. Today, the core shack, rail spur, power lines, waste rock and tailings facility are all in good condition as Elim purchases a property that the State Trust, funded by ASARCO, has mostly otherwise reclaimed. The vent raise and shaft are still in place; however, have not been assessed since the initial shut down of Cactus. 

The opportunity to purchase the past-producing property was brought forward to our CEO due to his expertise and favorable reputation in the mining industry, after working with both Klondex Mines Ltd. and Newmont-Goldcorp Corporation. He immediately began assessing the opportunity with his resource geologist. Together, with uncovered historic data and initial work conducted, they decided to move forward with the opportunity to conduct exploration and development at the Cactus Mine outside of the city of Casa Grande with the intent of eventually restarting the operation. 

Elim is investing in a property with no current environmental liabilities and plans to guide the site through through its operations in the same condition. 


View from Discovery Outcrop, 2019.

The Cactus Mine reclamation activity is expected to be complete in March 2020. During this time, Elim plans to explore and develop its Cactus Mine and it adjacent property, Parks/Salyer. 

Despite only recently acquiring the property, Elim geologists have started to engage with local expertise for onsite activities. The team has been relogging core with local geologists and completed its phase 1 drilling program which included a confirmation of historic geology and an assessment of the waste rock pile. Phase 2 will include a more comprehensive drill assessment of the NE extension of the historic orebody at Cactus, and as follow up to historic drilling at Parks/Salyer. 

The team is dedicated to advancing the property, while working with the local community openly and transparently. If you have any questions about activities or would like more information, please click here.

A detailed environmental plan will be drafted up as the company progresses and conducts additional studies on the property.

Site Improvement

The Cactus Mine presents numerous opportunities to showcase best practices in site improvement and revitalization. Because the site has undergone multiple years of environmental analysis, most of the legacy impacts have been characterized. This has lead to a comprehensive plan to reclaim the property, protect water resources, and drive our operations toward a net positive impact for the area.



Dedicated to a net positive impact on the local ecosystem.

A Company’s commitment to environmental stewardship is a major priority of the Elim team. We are dedicated to achieving a net positive impact within the local ecosystem, including understanding the flora, the fauna and the use of land and water. Considering the local ecosystems will be the root of each decision to build, plan, operate and decommission operations.