The Cactus Mine (formerly the Sacaton Mine) is located at the convergence of three major geologic zones in western Pinal County, just west of Casa Grande. It was discovered 1961 by American Smelting and Refining Co. (ASARCO) which mined the site from 1972 to 1984. 400 people worked at the site which included surface and underground facilities. During its previous operation, the mine processed 32 million tons, with 398 million pounds of copper, 1.4 million ounces of silver and 30,000 ounces of gold from the West ore body.

In 1982, construction began on two production shafts to 1,800 ft depth and a headframe to the southwest of the pit to access the higher-grade ore via underground mining methods; however, development was suspended due to market conditions and in 1984.

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In 2009, the site was placed into the care of an environmental trust that was tasked with the care, stabilization, and reclamation of the site. During that time extensive environmental characterization and cleanup work was completed under the supervision of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and the US Environmental Protection Agency. In order to inform the remediation process, environmental studies, groundwater characterization, stormwater evaluation, geochemical, geotechnical and vegetation assessments and impacted soil investigation studies were completed.

In all, $20 million was invested to reclaim the property and historic buildings/structures, including the tailings facility (covered and revegetated), mine buildings and mine infrastructure (demolished) and complete certain environmental analyses to ensure it’s work is complete. 

In July 2020, Elim Mining completed the purchase of the site from the trust, taking custody of the property. As a result, Elim will be starting its work with a remediated former mine site, with an environmental baseline study completed which has been approved by the ADEQ.

A detailed environmental plan will be drafted up as the company progresses and conducts additional studies on the property. For example, rather than cover and revegetate the stockpile, Elim has a unique opportunity to move the unlined stockpile to a new fully lined and environmentally friendlier location and process the ore along the way. Moving the stockpile will significantly reduce the current footprint 5,000 feet wide by 5,000 ft long by 100 ft high stockpile and improve the safety of the land. In addition, it allows future operations to be further contained on the current mine footprint.

Our team is dedicated to advancing the property while working with the local community openly and transparently. If you have any questions about activities or would like more information –
Please reach out to us.


The unique opportunity was presented to Elim Mining to purchase the remediated mine site with a full environmental baseline study already completed and approved by the ADEQ. It is our mission to meet and exceed environmental standards.

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Our commitment to the community is to operate responsibly, ethically, and sustainably. The Elim Mining team has a long history of responsible and respectful mining operations. Our team is interested in implementing the same mining ethics on and off the job, in our new home in Pinal County, Arizona. 

As an Arizona-based company, with Arizonans at heart, we care about the issues you care about. We will be careful stewards of water and minimize dust while bringing jobs and economic activity to the community.  We are committed to fully understanding the impact of our operations and how to address our role within the community and a net positive impact on the local ecosystem.

The Elim team is dedicated to operating a responsible and respectable mine site. We certify to meet and exceed all applicable requirements under the Clean Water Act (CWA), Clean Air Act (CAA) and all other applicable federal rules and regulations. 

The Elim team received notice of approvals for the Arizona Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit, Dust Permit and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.

The filing process is underway with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to receive the Aquifer Protection Permit, and several other smaller permits as part of the mine development process.


Copper is an essential building block for technology, green energy, medicine, and so many more industries we need for daily life. As we grow, these needs increase and with that so will the demand for copper. Several key indexes have recognized the gap in the supply chain for the production of copper. In order to meet demand, we need to produce copper. Check out this infographic created by the team at Visual Capitalist  


Elim’s mission is to develop long-term, impactful partnerships within the region. This means hiring and purchasing locally first, contributing our time and money to organizations and causes that benefit the region, and keeping an open door to the community. Interact proactively, early and often. 

Part of our ongoing partnership with the region is to identify and work with community service organizations that positively impact the quality of life in the region. Our employees and contractors have devoted countless hours to volunteerism in local communities across the globe and here in Arizona. We are interested in hearing more about broad-based community volunteer efforts that contribute to projects such as community events, parks and recreation teams, volunteer fire departments and more.

We welcome groups seeking financial support, in-kind, and/ or participation by our team members to contact us through our community hotline. If your organization is seeking support, please contact our communities team at  (520) 858-0600 or We would be happy to visit with you about your group, its impact in the region, and our ability to support your mission


It is critical to our mission that we purchase locally whenever possible. We have worked to identify as many opportunities to purchase in Pinal County as possible. If you run or work at a local business and are interested in doing business with us, we welcome you to contact us at: (520) 858-0600 or


At Elim, nothing we do is more fundamental than the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, contractors and vendors, their families, and the communities where we operate.  A vision where all incidents and work-related health risks are preventable, the “Elim Way” is a risk managed, value based approach where every person under the care of Elim is actively engaged in a safety journey towards Zero Harm, both on the job and off, fully understands and consistently apply critical controls, must say something if they see something, and has the right to go home happy and healthy.